On a beautiful day in early October 2009 I walked into the space that should become my work place for the next four and a half years. The Stuttgart team had just moved into its new office in the upper West side and was eager for a fresh start. And so was I!

After various introductions I was assigned my first official task: gathering ideas for an anniversary exhibition in the Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nürnberg. Coming straight from the design school I sat down with my fellow intern, Laura, and a blank sheet of paper, ready to create the most amazing spatial experience the world has ever seen. I have to confess that at times we had not the slightest clue what we were doing. In those instances playing a round of "Käsekästchen" proved to be an invaluable strategy for creative recharging. By the end of the day we had filled a whole bunch of paper with sketches and notes, the quality of which was left open for debate. I do remember walking home though with a feeling of satisfaction and a thrill of anticipation of what I was in for. Little did I know that I had stumbled into a field of work that would become my passion and people who would become my friends.

Today is my last official day at Totems. I can proudly say that I have upgraded my creative arsenal and moved on from "Käsekästchen" to more elaborate strategies, like "Ping Pong". And by that I mean actually playing ping pong, but, more importantly: the exchange of ideas. Seriously, is there a better feeling than reaching that epiphanic moment in the process of a design after collaboratively pondering over it for days? Thank you guys for all those constructive "matches", your support and inspiration. It was a great pleasure working with you all!

As you know, inspiration can be found everywhere. For me, right now, it lies in South America. So that's where I'll be going. For a few months, half a year... (I am still working on the details). I'll be back at some point to pursue a freelancing career, so there is a good chance that we'll see or at least hear of each other again. Best wishes